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1. For consistent quality support services that ensure your success. 2. For optimal SEO centric templates, plugins, widgets and guides that guarantee your blogs and websites ever growing traffic. 3. For the ever useful tools to helping you make profits blogging!


We are a group of proud bloggers that readiy help bloggers succeed blogging...

flexible support services

You Get Access to Flexible Support Services Anywhere, Everywhere and Via the Channels You Love

Get Help When You Need It

Because we understand that, at a point in time, you may need to add a few of these features or remove some of that functionalities in your blogs or websites; we make sure you get the support you need whenever, wherever and however you need it.

Via the Channels You Love

We offer one-on-one assistance service via telegram chat, twitter, whatsapp and facebook. Dedicated support and troubleshooting services via TeamViewer and phone calls also available to premium subscribers.

...On the Fly

Either you are in your couch at home, at the verge of concluding a business transaction at work. You could even be with friends and family on a fascinating beach holiday, you can always count on our support team anywhere, everywhere and at anytime.

for profits

Built for Profits! A Single Installation that Fits and Goes Well with All Profits Oriented Blogs and Websites

Fully Optimized for AdSense

If you need a blogger template that lets you maximize your Google AdSense earnings potential, that would be most of our blogger templates. Because with our blogger templates, you get more relevant AdSense ads and more clicks on adverts being displayed on all pages of your blogger blog.

Hassle-free Affiliate Promotions

If you are an affiliate, as a blogger using blogspot platform for affiliate promotion could be tiring. But if you have elected to using our blogger templates, you can save yourself a whole lots of stress and still make reasonable income as an affiliate using blogger platform effortlessly.

Collect Payments and Donations

One of the most pressing concerns for bloggers using blogspot platform is collecting donations or processing payments directly on blogger blog.

That too, comes easy using our blogger templates as you can accept and process payments by PayPal and most cards directly in your blog.

Optimized for mordern SEO

Support for Modern SEO that Guarantees Maximum Traffic Both Organically and Inorganically

For SEO; from Ground-up

As a blogger using the blogspot platform, you may be finding it difficult to gaining traffic to your blog, this is why we have taken the bull by the horn and made sure every template we ever produce is fully SEO optimized and conforms with up-to-date standard SEO guidelines.

Widgets that Drive Maximum Traffic

To complement our efforts at making sure that our templates secure your blog the best positions in Google and Bing SERPs so that your blog gets the most organic traffic, we also include in them, widgets that allows you drive inorganic traffic to your blogger blog effortlessly.

Updated and Trending SEO Oriented Guides

It is one thing to have something, it is another to know how to using that thing.

To help you drive maximum traffic to your blogger blog using our templates and widgets, we invite you to join our other customers benefiting from our exclusive SEO oriented guides.

BloggerThemer teams art

Our Active Teams Release Timely Updates that Cater for Both Minor and Critical Known Issues

Regular Templates Update Releases

In order to ensure you always get the best from using our templates in your blog, our active teams are always on the lookout for the changes in the standard SEO guidlines, follow up on the performances of our templates and release updates that mend our templates based on the reports we end up with.

...Add-ons and Widgets

Apart from the templates regular updates that are made available and pushed to your templates' Google Drive folder automatically, occasional but separate updates for our widgets and addons are also done so that you can manually and singularly update the concerned widgets at your end.

Updated Usage Tutorials and Guides

As part of our efforts to making sure that you find our templates and widgets to be as flexible and useful as is your money, we always make sure our usage tutorials for the templates' plugins and widgets are as frequently updated as the templates and widgets themselves.

BloggerThemer pro in design

Professional in Every Bits!

We don't just bring to table any design. While keeping our core values we ensure our blogger templates give your blogger blog a professional look and feel; one that's rarely found in blogger blogs.

Even at that, we keep our templates light and extremely friendly to search engines (such as Google Search) and your blog human visitors.

BloggerThemer speed

Super Light. Extremely Fast

For blogs in these modern days, speed is not a factor to be comprised - this much we know and that is why we make sure all our blogger templates are up for the speed.

Even when you have AdSense Ads installed and being displayed (on all 8 spots available for AdSense) on our blogger templates, your blog loads extremely fast on our blogger templates.

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