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Complete blogger template is a simple yet suphisticated, minimalistic yet bouyant premium blogger template. The Complete blogger template is an highly responsive and friendly blogger template designed to comply with modern SEO techiques such that Google, Bing and other popular search engines may rank your blog high when you have Complete blogger template installed on your blogspot website.

Complete Blogger Template is that single blogger template that's premium by feel, responsive and adapts perfectly to any screen-sizes and most importantly; it is yet the only blogger template that is suitable for every use cases. News, e-Commerce, file downloads and uploads, Wiki-like blogs, angency, portfolio and all sorts of blogs and website on Google's blogger platform can use complete blogger template.

Complete blogger template is super fast, mobile friendly and optimized for both Google AdSense and search engines so that you can make more money from AdSense and also gain more traffic to your blogger blog while using complete premium blogger template.

Additionally, complete Premium Blogger Template is one of the best blogger templates that can be used to get Google AdSense approval at one try - thanks to its clean and minimalistic layouts.

The Template Features:

Template Features Free Premium
100% Responsive
Right Sidebar
Randomnized Ads (Native Banners and AdSense)
Suppprt for Dynamic AdSense Display
Sticky Navigation Menu
Featured Posts (By Label or Recent)
Advanced Blogger Popular Posts
Randomnized Recent Posts By Label
Header Ads
Six Spots AdSense Display (On Posts Page)
Advanced Posts Sharing Widgets
Share to WhatsApp Widget
Share to Telegram Widget
Sticky Header
3 AdSense Spots on Homepage
Responsive Youtube Video
Advanced Related Posts Widget
Advanced Blogger (Next, Previous) Pages Widget
Sidebar Posts Widget (By Label or Recent)
Dedicated Store Page
Enhanced Cart Features
Support for PayPal, PayStack and FlutterWave Payments
Supports Latest Breadcrumbs Recommended By Google
Custom Error 404 Page Optimized for Best SEO
BloggerThemer Optimized Title Tags for Best SEO
Customized Empty Posts Page (for Search, Label and Archive Pages)
100% Mobile Friendly
Fully SEO Optimized
Super Fast

The Template Performance Test Scores:

Documentation for the Template:

  • Setup and support services are done for and made available to premium users only.
  • Support services are carried out via phone call, Telegram, WhatsApp and or, teamviewer.
  • You can contact our always available customer care desk from here now.

The Template Version History:

Changelog v1.0.0 - Initial release:
  • The earliest version release
  • All documentations done
  • No negative reports or comments yet
v1.0.1 - suggested mods done:
  • Inline follow buttons added
  • Products / Items views padded
  • Share to twitter widgets auto embed hashtags
v1.0.2 - suggested mods done:
  • "Buy This" button that links to product page appears below product posts on index and home pages
  • Footer copyright text automatically fetches and inserts current year
  • Improved sidebar display
  • Other minor modes done
v1.0.3 - suggested mods done:
  • Default scrollbar modded
  • Support for PayStack payment added to store / checkout
  • Support for FlutterWave payment added to store / checkout
  • Tabbed item content introduced
  • Other minor mods that improves overall SEO
v1.0.4 - suggested mods done:
  • Support for PayPal payment added to store / checkout
  • Support for NGN currency mods done to PayPal cart
  • Tabbed carts content added
  • Other minor mods that improves overall SEO of products' pages done
v1.0.5 - suggested mods done:
  • "What others are viewing" widget added to product page
  • Breadcrumbs liberary updated per Google Search Console's recommendation
  • Other minor mods done
v1.0.6 - suggested mods done:
  • Discount widget added
  • Promo widget added
  • "you save" widget updated
  • Several other minor mods done
v1.0.7 - suggested mods done:
  • Donate button added to post/item pages exept for products
  • Products page SHARE widget improved
  • BloggerThemer's Blogspot Advanced title tags v2.1 added
  • Other minor mods done
v1.0.8 - suggested mods done:
  • BlogPager widget improved for more flexibility
  • Products "Index" pager improved for more flexibility
  • Other minor mods that improves UX/UI
v1.0.9 - suggested mods done:
  • Header follow widget added
  • Products images / thumbnails cards re-disgned
  • Products page speed mods done/added
  • More SEO mods done / added

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